Tap the right talent on the shoulder with Lode

The right candidates often aren’t actively looking. So, how do you make sure you reach those not actively looking? It’s time to step away from outdated ways to hire. Lode is the ultimate in efficient recruitment – both cost and your time. You can quickly access a diverse pool of talent, with the right qualifications, in the right location. And be confident that the applications you receive are qualified and have the skills which you find important.

We have a lot of employers coming to us as they know that we power Western Sydney University’s Job Match platform and are keen to hire in that area. But we also have many thousands of students and graduates all over Australia.

A recent job post in New South Wales received 53 well qualified applications within 6 days and they were very impressed. Worried about too many applications? When you match a job, if you think you have enough applications to make a hiring decision, you can pause the job invitation to ensure you don’t get a CV avalanche.

See how you can search for the right candidate in many ways, including location or institution:

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