How to write a successful job invitation on Lode.

Why you need to think differently about your job summary on Lode

This is not your usual job ad or board.

Through Lode’s matching, you’ve hand-picked candidates – so you can word the ad a little differently, to make them feel special.

Drop into the mindset of a Lode candidate

They love that you are tapping them on the shoulder, but also like to know why THEM (this gives them confidence to submit their application as they have the skills and qualifications you want). This is especially important if you are recruiting across multiple study streams, or streams that don’t immediately jump to mind for your company or industry. A one-liner here should suffice. They respond to a personal tone – consider wording more around “you” rather than “the applicant”.

Step up to the challenge of short and sweet

Think of the job invitation as a teaser rather than a job description. It’s a two-way street, they need to consider you as much as you need to consider them. So, make sure you describe the opportunity in an exciting and compelling (but real) way. Entice them with information on your culture, the location, the role and why it is great to work for your company.

Perhaps write 3 key bullet points to grab their attention, then delve in a little further.

Plain language is best, keep in mind that the candidates you’re talking to might not know your industry’s terms (yet).

Here’s a great article about why jargon in job descriptions is off-putting to young people.

Words are great, but videos can bring your brand to life, reinforce your culture and get them excited to apply. A video that portrays your company’s personality in the most authentic way possible can help candidates envision what life would be like working there and make the role “real”, compelling them to apply when they feel it’s the right fit.

Feel like you want to tell them more than 250 words?

Don’t feel like you have to give everything away in the email. The intention is for candidates to click through to your site to find out more. You can always link to your website’s employee section to get them even more inspired, within the body of the email.

Knowing your brand

How well will your brand be known with students and/or graduates? Even if you’ve known by others, you might not be here. The role description and information about your company really paint the picture to get them excited.

What are our key targeting tips?

Location: Leave it blank or choose your state rather than an area – some candidates don’t mind travelling or relocating.

Filters: You don’t need to use all of the filters. If you want candidates who have studied Business, for example, you can select this Stream which will give you the widest number. Other filters like Study Area and Course mean a smaller target group.

Multiple Streams: If your candidates don’t need specific degree qualifications, there could be some great candidates from other disciplines. A quick and easy way to do this is to duplicate your job opportunity and change the targeting to a different Stream.

Years: Over 70% of our database graduated prior to 2017, so consider opening up your Year of Graduation.

Handy extra wording tips according to what you know about your target candidate pool

You’ve gone broad in terms of skills and qualifications required

If you are looking for a broader skillset – you’ll likely be sending your message to larger numbers of candidates. Your message should reflect this, so it will be more general.

You’re targeting a really specific skillset.

This means you won’t be sending your invitation to apply to as many candidates so you can get quite detailed in your message to let the candidates know you’ve found them through a deep data dive. Keep in mind, it takes around 3000 emails to hire.