Getting the best out of hiring early-career talent

A bit about Lode

Lode is a leading recruitment platform with a database of over 1.3 million early-career candidates, Australia-wide. We’ve been quietly matching employers with the right candidates for over a decade, with our candidates receiving over 6.5 million job opportunities in twelve months via the platform.

Justin Robinson, CEO and Co-Founder of Lode – who had a 10-year background in big data and banking in Europe prior to transitioning to the entrepreneurial life – is excited about Lode’s long running success, “As our candidates are moving through their careers, we’re helping employers target them for their next role. And, at the same time, we’re giving candidates the confidence that they’ve got what it takes to be in the running for the role”.

Rather than posting on a job board, Lode’s algorithm gives you the power to search on a number of areas, including qualifications, experience and location; and only send a job match invitation to the right candidates. This enables a faster recruitment process.

Naomi Todd, Co-Founder and Head of Projects, Product and People at Lode, explains that Lode was developed to save employers time in finding the right candidates, “From my previous career as an IT Recruiter, I know how hard it is to tap into this demographic, and how time consuming it can be to sift through unqualified applications and I’m very pleased we’re able to help employers gain easy access to the best matched candidates.”

We often get asked “Is the type of role I am looking to fill eligible to match through Lode?”

We specialise in matching employers with university-qualified talent. The jobs matched on Lode range from internships while studying; a casual job to pay the bills, graduate opportunities and experienced hire roles. The types of roles we’ve recently matched – across a range of industries – include: Marketing Assistant, Web Developer, Transport Traineeship, Mechanical Engineering Internship, Student Recruitment Officer, Graduate Architect, Customer Support Representative, Graduate – Product Research & Grant Applications, Support Analyst, Administrative Assistant, Executive Consultant (Strategy and Communications), Customer Engagement and Program Coordinator, eCommerce, Sales Assistant, Barista, CRM and Social Media Marketing Assistant; and Videographer/Visual Storyteller.

The roles that receive the most applications on Lode?

Ones that are paid. We’ve found that, by far, the best results are achieved when a candidate is paid (which is our passionate preference too – fair’s fair, right?). We recommend at least minimum wage or covering their costs.

Industry supports Lode’s use of technology to find the next generation of talent

“There’s some really disruptive innovation around the Lode platform. We really like it because it’s fast, agile and flexible.” Mark Paddenburg, CEO of the Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre, explains. “If you’re involved with building an information ecosystem like I am, one of the things you need to be good at is connecting ideas with the capital, people and the talent. We’ve found that Lode is an essential tool for connecting students – looking for full or part time jobs – and others in the region”.

Lode is an Australian-made company. We’ve been matching early-career university-qualified candidates with employers for over a decade. We have candidates and employers in every state of Australia.

Right now, when you register, you get 10,000 introductory credits – so you contact up to 10,000 Lode candidates, within 12 months, on us.