Candidates FAQ

How do I create a profile?

Focus on your study: let the right opportunities come to you. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to create a profile on Lode

Remind me again how I signed up to Lode?

Lode connects Australia’s leading employers to students, graduates and early-career professionals.
You’ve either signed up directly, or through a co-registration with one of our partners: StudentVIP, Western Sydney Job Match, AIHE or KBS.

How does Lode's algorithm work?

Our algorithm matches candidates based on qualifications and key skills. This means employers don’t see your profile up front, protecting your privacy and removing unconscious bias. Employers only see your information if you choose to apply for their opportunity.

Employers FAQ

How do I use Lode to target the best candidates?

Here’s our best tips on how to target candidates using Lode.

If you still need help, please call or email